Looking after your motorbike has never been so important with so many motorbike thefts taking place in Essex, You could go out on your bike for the afternoon and never see it again. You should have an alarm and a tracker fitted. An alarm will alert everyone nearby with a very loud siren and flash the indicators when under attack. When a motorbike gets stolen it will get striped down for parts very quickly and a tracker may be the best item to have installed to recover your bike within a very small amount of time. Fitting a tracker on a motorbike takes a long time due to hiding the tracker very well.

A good Thatcham Cat 1 system is the Meta Cat 1 M357T-V2 this will give you the best security possible and it comes with a very small alarm/siren ECU so it allows perfect mounting on your bike with no problems. It also features zero battery drain when it goes into sleep mode so you don’t have to worry about your battery going flat quickly in winter months when the bike may not be in use.