Motorbike Trackers Essex

Got the motorbike you have always wanted but now you are worried sick incase it goes missing? Motorbikes are stolen a huge amount in the UK due to the bikes being very easy to pick up and put into the back of a van. The theft rate of motorcycle crime is at an all time high so it is more important than ever to get a Motorbike Thatcham Alarm and a tracker installed to make sure your bike can be recovered quickly in the event of a theft. Many people think what is the point in having a tracker put on the bike if they can strip it down to bare frame work in less than an hour. Well the answer is speed if you have a tracker fitted and the bike is lifted without the ignition being turned on it alerts the call centre and the bike is in alert mode meaning it pings the server every few seconds giving the most detailed location of the motorcycle. Once the police are alerted the tracking centre will make sure the bike is recovered with speed in mind knowing if there is any delay you may never see your bike again.

Tracking devices use next to no power so storing your bike over winter is no big deal, When choosing a device you should keep in mind GPS units are much smaller and better to hide on a bike, If it’s fitted correctly and well hidden there is no way they will find the tracker until the bike is fully stripped down.