Nissan Skyline Alarm

The Nissan Skyline has been known as the must have car during your lifetime. They are very hard to come by in good condition and when you find a good one the insurance will request you have a full Thatcham Cat 1 alarm installed. We can provide a full Thatcham alarm for your Skyline which will be very neatly installed and fitted to the highest standards. All control and immobiliser modules will be securely mounted to meet all Thatcham TRI requirements. The Nissan Skyline only has basic door locking as standard which is triggered by a key in the drivers door. The only downside is there is no electric motor part in the door which means you will need to have a separate door motor installed within the drivers door. Once this have been fitted you can simply press the lock button on your control and this will trigger the door locking both sides.

The Thatcham Cat 1 will protect all the vehicles doors and the boot along with the interior to give you the very best protection. All Thatcham alarms feature an immobiliser which will stop the vehicle from starting and running when the alarm is active giving you complete piece of mind when leaving your vehicle. We can provide a very smart system which will be extremely neat by only having an LED on the dashboard and colour matching ultrasonic sensors to give you a complete factory look.