The Pandora alarms are taking the UK market by storm due to there advanced anti clone technolgy. They work on a much more secure wavelength known as 868MHz with an ultra encrypted rolling code platform. This has never been subject to any form of cloning or hacking due to the advanced methods Pandora are using. The DX series is for the customer looking for the highest quality and protection within a sensible budget. We would recommend the DX-90 Light +. This device gives you a very sleek OLED remote which is very easy to see in all light conditions, and only wakes up the display when pressing a button saving battery life. While armed you will see a small green LED flashing every 3 seconds, this confirms the DX90 remote is still in range and communcating with your vehicle.

The Pandora unlike other systems offers a 1 mile range, we have tested this and have never seen an alarm like it / staying connected so well without signal drop out. Due to this system working on the 868MHz wavelength it is also less subject to interference.

The DX90 offers protection for doors, boot, bonnet and has inbuilt shock and tilt sensors meaning they are not an extra like many other types of alarm on the market. What do you see within the vehicles interior? Nothing other than an LED. The LED has a built in override switch if you need to disarm the system in the event of a flat battery in your remote control. The LED unlike other systems can be stuck down ( Double sided tape / No damage ) or screwed into place. This means the whole system can be installed without any form of damage.

If you would like a Pandora Car Alarm installed in Essex, you can call us on 07525 068291.