Peugeot Expert 2014 Alarm Upgrade

The 2014 Peugeot Expert still features the same weakness as the older van’s such as the same lock locks and handles which have been targeted for years on this model.  The vans are very nice and look very nice on the appearance side.  which means plumbers and builders commonly use these vans. The problem is theft’s know this and will target you van and have the doors unlocked in seconds. With the Can-Bus alarm I install you can be assured you will get the very best vehicle security, the system arms on the deadlock command (if your expert has them) and turns disarms by tapping the open or rear open button on your Peugeot remote fob. I wire the system is such a way the door locks won’t turn off the alarm system which is a very common floor on many alarm upgrade systems. It will only disarm (turn off) by using the Peugeot original key remote or an emergency pin override code which I provide. This is a secret 4 digit code only you will know so only you will be able to turn the alarm off.

The alarm protects the regular zones such as the front doors, rear barn and sliding doors and the bonnet along with the inside of the dash interior. If a window is broken or a door is opened the alarm will instantly sound alerting all nearby people with it’s loud 118DB siren and flashing the Peugeot Experts indicators. The windows will be applied with a small alarm warning sticker which gives a fantastic warning that your vehicle is alarmed and it also features a small flashing LED which will be located on an interior dashboard panel.

  This alarm upgrade is fully Thatcham approved to CAT1 status once installed.