phantom Itrack Cat 6 Approved Tracker

Phantom have been around for many years providing vehicle tracking devices mainly for motorhomes and caravans. With there great customer care and reliable products it is a good choice to now get the new Itrack tracking device that is Thatcham Cat 6 approved fitted to your car. With a very small unit they have entered the market with a very good design which can be hidden away within the vehicle very securely. The main problem with there old tracking device named the proactive it was a little harder to find a good suitable location within a vehicle to hide the device correctly. The Itrack has been put through the Thatcham testing to make sure its approved for your insurance. The unit has an internal battery back up to make sure it is always active if your vehicles battery is disconnected. The subscription is very reasonable coming in at £149 per year or £399 for the lifetime of vehicle ownership.

The unit also has a very low current draw which makes this unit great for classic and sports vehicles that are not driven everyday. Phantom have also engineered a multi roaming network into the unit which makes the sim card switch networks if the signal is poor it simply changes to make sure all movements and alerts are always online. supporting tracking in the whole of Europe if your vehicle is stolen and shipped abroad.