RAC Trackstar TM470 Fitted EssexTrackstar has been approved in the UK by the major car brands like Jaguar, BMW, Land Rover. The system has been around for many years and has got better and better since it’s latest release which is a very small unit and heatshrink crimp connectors which are designed for cars where soldering is not suggests by the main dealer due to the limited amount of copper in the wiring looms within these vehicles.

The RAC Trackstar is a Thatcham Cat 6 approved tracking device which makes sure your insurance company is happy and if you have this system fitted as an approved part the main dealer will never question it if the vehicle goes into the dealership for warranty work to be carried out. This is the most popular tracking system for this type of vehicle.

In the event of a theft the vehicle is recovered to yourself free of charge and the tracking system still updates every 20 seconds at all times so trackstar can track the vehicle very quickly in the event of a theft.

We can fit this system for you in Essex by our mobile installation fitting service.