Range Rover Key Cloning

If you have a Range Rover Smart Key like in the picture above you should be looking to upgrade your security. There have been many reports of these vehicles getting stolen within less than 30 seconds with devices made in china that are unique to programming these types of key. This is worrying due to the fact of how cheap they are and they are very easy to buy from the internet. The process starts by breaking into your Range Rover normally around the years of 2010 – 2014 and simply bring along a spare Smart Key. Once they are in the vehicle they will plug in there special OBD port device which automatically starts the key learning process after this point the thief is seconds away from driving your vehicle away. Once this is done they simply press the start button and drive the vehicle away.

You can protect your vehicle by fitting a tracking device and immobilising the OBD port for the very best security set up. The tracking device is insurance approved meaning if the vehicle is stolen it can be recovered within 20 minutesĀ  normally. and the immobiliser will be continuously set as the OBD port isn’t needed for anything other than engine diagnostics and key programming. If you wish to use the OBD port you simply need to disarm thee system you will have to enter a 4 digit pin number and this will allow enough time for a diagnostic machine to be plugged in.