renualt traffic thatcham slam lock

The Renault Traffic and the Vauxhall Vivaro share the same handles but there is a major problem. The original plastic handles are held by plastic mounts which are extremely weak against an attack, the method people normally use to open the door is grab the handle and pull upwards very quickly and with a good amount of force the handle simply falls away from the vehicles body. Once the handle is off all you need to do is simply pull the locking rod upwards then the door pop’s open. With a high quality slam lock with the solid metal plate replacing the plastic handles you are given a very solid product which will stand up against an attack. Behind the metal handle there is also another strong metal plate which is secured by six strong bolts and this gives the whole handle area good security. These slam locks can be fitted with a normal style euro cylinder key or the very good an approved Thatcham range.

The advantage choosing the Thatcham range is the anti bump key’s which are very good in terms of a key bumping attack which is normally carried out on the normal euro cylinder range. Deadlocks should not be fitted on this vehicle due to the handle area being the weakest part and the deadlock could be attacked if the plastic handle is removed.

handle removed

This is what your van will look like after an attack. Always get your van protected before it’s to late.