Scorpion Parking Sensors

Scorpion Automotive not only make alarms, they also make parking sensors made and developed in the UK research center. They have been made for years but these great pieces of kit are not majorly known like Steelmate for example. The kit is four sensors which can be colour coded if needed plus they are very sleek in terms of how close to the vehicles body work. The Scorpion rear reversing kit comes with a buzzer as standard which automatically becomes active once the reverse gear is selected. The kit also comes with detachable heads in case a sensor becomes damaged or the bumper needs to be removed.

All scorpion reversing sensors come with a full 24 month warranty for complete piece of mind. The main ECU which controls all the sensors along with the buzzer tones is secured in the boot area by a method which the installer see’s fit for your vehicle. Normal methods included double sided tape or screwing the unit in position. When you select reverse you will get a single bleep which will alert you the sensors have become active, the tones will become faster and faster and complete to a solid tone once you are around 30 cm’s away from a fixed object. Scorpion offer a full range from front to rear parking sensors.

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