Scorpion SA 30 Review

The Scorpion SA 30 is the most improved and advanced car alarm and immobiliser system on the market today. This alarm features a very bright Blue LED which is like the Clifford brand of alarm systems and has adjustable ultrasonic interior protection sensors and an adjustable shock sensor to warn people away if they bang or smash your vehicle. The alarm will fully trigger if a door, Boot, or bonnet is opened or if the interior is entered when the system is armed. The SA30 also has an input if you wish to add a tilt sensor to protect your alloy wheels. and it features a boot pop output if your vehicle has a button which opens the boot this system can be linked into this.

The Scorpion SA30 is very reliable and will last for many years giving a fantastic hassle free service life. The siren is very loud and will be heard if the alarm is sounding. when you have this alarm installed you can rest assured your car is being protected to the highest standards.