The Scorpion SA10 is just a little more than a regular keyless entry kit, It offers basic security of indercator flash when locking and also a car finder feature where you press a button and the vehicles indercators light up for a few seconds to allow a visable light output to help you find your vehicle. The other top notch feature this offers is a engine immobiliser cut which will kill the starter motor while the system is locked along with the led included as standard in the kit once armed you can’t tell if the vehicle has an alarm or not so this protects your vehicle in many ways. The locking module can be set up with 6 central door locking types to allow fitting to many types of vehicles.

The SA10 offers protection for you as the customer by auto locking the doors (If needed) when turning the ignition on to avoid any chance of vehicle hi jacking and the kit also offers electronic boot release. If the vehicle is fitted with a switch to open the boot the kit can be wired to hold the button down and the boot will open, This is a good feature if you are trying to load shopping in the boot for example.