Scorpion Track ST50 Review

The best tracker ever made in the UK? Yes it is.. Due to the amount of technolgy that went into designing this product and the excellent support from Scorpion UK the customer is always left with a smile on there face. With a system that allows tracking from the customers smartphone and desktop PC tracking you can have piece of mind knowing your vehicle is being protected by the UK’s leading tracking system. The scorpion Track system is fully Cat 6 Thatcham approved and has been tested like no other to give the best performance unlike other cheaper tracking systems the scorpion unit also features GSM 3D fixing which means if at anytime your GPS is jammed by an unwanted visitor the vehicle can still be tracked down to 3 square meters. This feature is not even included in cheaper systems.

Whats the diffrence between a premium tracking brand like Scorpion track and the cheap brands? Quality compontents and true engineering which will last for many years on end. You may simply be looking for a tracking system to keep your insurance happy but would you be impressed if your new cheap tracking system made the vehicles DAB radio have issues picking up stations? This problem has been known for years in the tracking industry and nothing has been done about it. Scorpion Track test all there products to the extremes and add extra noise filters and blockers to stop it causing problems with your vehicle in anyway shape or form.

The main Scorpion control center is in the UK you will be pleased to hear and they are on call at any time giving the best service at all times, In the event of a car theft they remain professinal and once a crime refrence number has been given they will work alongside the police to recover your pride and joy. The scorpion system also features a full onboard battery which will last for many hours even if the battery has been disconnected.

You will be pleased to hear even this high end product has one of the cheapest subscriptions around at only £130 per year which means in the long run if keeping the vehicle for years you could be better off as you will make back your original installation costs. and get a better product at the end.