Sigma S30 ReviewThe Sigma S30 is the top Thatcham Cat 1 made by Scorpion UK, They have been around for many years and car brands have taken this brand on as standard it comes standard fit on most subaru’s this is there latest model with the very small compact siren and smaller control box ecu, The Sigma black and grey fobs are very nice along with the sleek Sigma keypad this is used for programing user features and the key theft mode where you disarm the alarm but have to enter a pin code before the vehicle is allowed to start, The Sigma comes with a full lifetime warranty on the main alarm ECU to give you piece of mind for along as you own the vehicle. The S30 also features extra lock and unlocking features if you have deadlocking as standard or you have a vauxhall which requires two presses on the unlock button to allow the vehicle to fully open.

The Sigma S30 comes fully Thatcham approved and you will get a Thatcham certificate on completion which you can photocopy to your vehicle insurer to prove you have had this top of the range alarm system fitted. If you would like to view more of the Thatcham range click here