The very simple but very effective Sigma Plip upgrade alarm is suited to cars which have a factory remote for locking and unlocking your vehicle as standard and it is designed to work alongside your car or vans locking commands. When you simply press the lock button on the vehicles remote the Sigma alarm becomes active and when you unlock your vehicle with the standard remote it disarms the alarm system. It comes fully packed with the ultra slim and compact siren and the very nice sleek small LED. It also features ultrasonic sensors as standard but other sensors can be added if needed like Tilt and dual zone proximity to give you total security without having extra remotes or worrying about having to find replacements if you break a remote control.

This system is Thatcham Cat 2 > 1 approved which means if this is fitted to a vehicle after 1996> with a factory fitted immobiliser once this is installed you will have a full Thatcham cat 1 system, The S32 is very neat and will look very sleek once fitted to your vehicle, Sigma are very reliable and fitted to many major car brands as standard fit security.