Siren Mounting Location

Mounting a car alarm siren can be challanging at the best of times. With engine bays with very small amounts of room no matter where you look. Taking the time to find a good location can be the diffrence between a car alarm that can be silenced in seconds. Or a car alarm that performs correctly and keeps sounding at high volume.

Some engineers mount sirens in a nice open location but the downsides to this is a theif can slide under your vehicle and attempt to unbolt the siren from it’s mounting bracket. On a Thatcham alarm you won’t have any problems due to the siren sounding instantly once the power has been cut or disconnected from the alarm siren.

If you have a basic alarm once the siren has been found from under the vehicle it is game over due to the wiring to the siren being it’s only source of noise the alarm can make. Once the wire is cut you won’t hear any form of attack on your vehicle. We always recommend the Thatham Approved car alarms fitted by Car Alarms Essex. Call us today on 07525 068291