smartrack offer direct debt

Latest news is Smartrack now offer a direct debt for the subscription payments meaning they can be made in affordable payments as low as £12.49 per month. This gives you the ability to buy a car, have the tracker fitted then pay a low cost subscription. This takes the stress off you as a customer when buying a tracking system. Most tracking subscriptions are expensive starting at around £149 per year in the UK. All these costs add up when buying a car so it’s worth while making sure you go with an option that gives you great piece of mind.

They also offer the ability to set you up on a direct debt plan then upgrade your subscription at a later date if needed. Meaning you could pay for a lifetime subscription for £399 at a later date if required. Not many other tracking providers offer a monthly subscription service, so the Smartrack ticks all the boxes for most people.

While the subscription is active you also get to use the fantastic smartphone app which allows you to log in on your Apple or Android phone and check the vehicles location alongwith battery voltage and much more. If you would like a Smartrack installed give us a call today on 07525 068291.