smartrack protector pro EssexThe Smartrack Protector Pro has won many awards for being one of the cheapest GPS insurance approved tracking devices in the UK. Tested by Thatcham as a sold and secure device so you know you are getting a reliable product, The device has been re designed a couple of times to improve the product is terms of making it a lot smaller to help the installer hide the product extremely well within the vehicle. This makes finding the tracker much harder in the event of vehicle theft and with the unit having all black wiring it is very hard to trace within a car or vans wiring harness giving you the best security possible. With the subscription costs being a little more expensive than other trackers the price of the unit itself makes it a very good deal for the customer. The unit is Thatcham Cat 6 approved and tested and you can fit this system to any 12volt or 24 volt system worth the value of up to £90.000 any vehicle over this cost will normally require a Thatcham Cat 6 tracking device.

In the event of a vehicle theft you have to phone the police and get a crime reference number, once you have this you simply call Smartrack and give them your name and password details along with the crime number and they will track the car and speak with the local police force to make sure your car or van is recovered. If the vehicle is towed or the battery is disconnected the device will trigger an alert and Smartrack will call you direct and ask if it’s an attempted vehicle theft or if you are having work done on the vehicle.

If you want a device aimed at key theft and want Smartrack to alert you before your vehicle has gone further than a mile you should look at the Smartrack Keyguard system.

Smartrack Key guard

With this tracker installed and the keyfob’s you have to enter a four digit pin number before starting your vehicle, This is a great system due to increased home break in’s to steal a vehicles keys and there is no logo’s or markings on the fobs to let them know there is anything fitted to your vehicle. This system is more expensive than the standard protector pro system but you have the added piece of mind when your vehicle is stolen straight away without finding out when you return back to it at a later time in the day.