Clifford_Bluetooth_SmartstartThe Viper Smartstart by directed was a major leap forward in security and remote start technology where your smartphone is the remote to your car. This is a feature people have been looking for and Directed have made a product that is very reliable and well made to make sure you get the very best experience when using remote start products from Directed. People worry about the mobile being stolen then someone simply unlocking your doors and starting the engine and driving away. This is not the case the Smartstart app is locked by a pin code to stop anyone grabbing the phone and having full access to your vehicle. Even if they did manage to get the pin number from you they won’t be able to drive the vehicle away due to the key needing to be put into the ignition before driving away.

The major problem a few users have experienced is if the vehicle is in a bad GSM mobile network area the smartstart won’t work in terms of starting the vehicle and unlocking the doors, in these cases the customer had to unlock the doors with a viper remote or by the original remote fob. Directed set out again to come up with the very best method in terms of still having a link with the car and passive keyless entry. With the Viper and Clifford Bluetooth module you can command the car to start or lock/unlock the doors this is fantastic as this can be done with no network coverage. The bluetooth link is encrypted to make sure its only paired with your phone and can’t be cloned.