Sterling Thatcham Cat 1The Sterling Thatcham Cat 1 alarm and immobiliser system is an outstanding alarm that gives you the best protection like the industry leading Toad AI606, The only features this alarm doesn’t have is the extra sensor ports on the main control box (ECU) and it don’t have the 4 button remotes due to it not needing extra buttons because the add-on features are limited on this unit. The LED is also solid red and not the multi coloured LED like the Toad AI606.

With the diffrences in mind this is a fantasic alarm if your looking for the best security and adding sensors like tilt and microwave are not of any interest. The main brain is still protected by the solid metal inclosure to protect the unit from attack. This alarm looks very neat once installed with its compact siren which mounts in the engine bay and is very small it doesn’t cause any problems with vehicle servicing or any other work being carried out on the vehicle at a later date and  it come with sleek black ultrasonic sensors which can be fully adjusted to meet your requirements. All the wiring on the Sterling Thatcham Cat 1 is thin but the AMP of the cable rating is still the same which makes it a very neat install when it is loomed up in the vehicle.

Once fitted you will get a full Thatcham certificate which you can pass on to your vehicle insurance company and they may give you a discount on your policy. The system comes with a full warranty and spare parts are avaliable like remote controls if one is ever lost or damaged. Most people worry about the siren cable being cut in an attack, But this should not be of any worry to yourself the Sterling Cat 1 alarm system uses a coded data link which talks to the siren at all times when the alarm is active, if the siren wiring is cut the alarm will sound its 120DB siren and keep going.