The Sterling Cat 2 Immobiliser system made by Scorpion UK is very a like to the Cobra 8510 with the same style touch key which pushes on to the fitted LED to disarm the immobiliser system for 30 seconds. This then allows you to start the vehicle and drive away, The only time the immobiliser becomes active again is when the ignition is turned off. The systems ECU is mounted under a metal casing which protects it from attack this is screwed or bolted down and the Sterling systems are very reliable to give you ease of use and have a product which will last for many years.

When getting quotes for these systems it is very important to make sure you are getting a high quality installation due to this being the only insured way of having a reliable and safe Thatcham cat 2 immobiliser system. All these systems are Cat 2 insurance approved and come with a full insurance certificate once installed in your vehicle.