Subaru impreza sigma alarm replacement

If you have a Subaru Impreza made after 1998 the chances are it will have a Sigma alarm fitted as factory standard. The system is normally hassle free for around 7 years then you may start getting issues with your Sigma alarm. The most common complaint is not being able to disarm the system due to interference in the area. The other issues you may come across are the siren stops working due to the battery back up leaking acid within the siren. other than those issues the system runs on for years. Many customers don’t want the same brand when replacing the system in most cases. I normally fit a full Cobra Thatcham Cat 1 when replacing these original alarm systems. I custom make the package to have matching ultrasonics where the original ones are located.


The Cobra replacement locks and unlocks the doors the same as the Sigma system along with the LED replacing the Sigma one by the clock in the center of the dashboard. When I remove the old Subaru alarm the whole wiring harness is pulled out and fresh wiring connections are made due to this being the best way to carry out this new installation correctly. When the new system is fitted you will get a new Thatcham certificate to complete your new alarm fitting. Some alarm fitters will only remove the Sigma ecu then connect the new alarm on those connections points and this is a very poor method of fitting a new alarm system. When I carry out the installation it is neater than the original fitting provided by Subaru.

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