Thatcham Cat 5 EssexWhen you need a Thatcham Cat 5 installer in Essex it’s hard to find an installer due to no other dealer in the Essex area being Thatcham Cat 5 approved. We have taken the time out to better ourselves over the rest and provide you with a high quality service for your prestige car. Now we are Thatcham Cat 5 approved you can get your car that is worth in excess of £90.000 fitted with the very best Cat 5 tracking system on the market. The units are not cheap coming in at around £850 fully installed into your vehicle at your home or workplace. once the device is fitted you are liable for the subscription cost which has to be paid before you can obtain a TRI Installation certificate to prove you have had the high end tracking device installed.

All Thatcham Cat 5 units have the very latest technology installed into the main tracking ECU unit to sense for battery disconnect or a change in voltage state which will alert the Scorpion tracking center within seconds. The Cat 5 unit also knows if the owner is inside the vehicle and it will automatically disable the tilt sensor. Once the owner leaves the vehicle the tilt sensor becomes active and any movement and the tracker will trigger an alert and Scorpion will contact you and they will be ready to track the vehicle if needed.

Why choose us to install your Thatcham Cat 5 tracking device?

  • We are fully insured to work on vehicles with the total value being 2 million.
  • The only approved dealer in Essex.
  • High quality installation.
  • We pride ourselves on the very best customer care.