ScorpionTrack Cat 5Buying a vehicle worth over £90.000 and you may be asked to have a Thatcham Cat 5 approved tracking system, these systems are not your everyday stolen vehicle tracking system. They have a secure ID card which has to enter the vehicle with you before turning the ignition on. Once the vehicle is started without this ID card the ScorpionTrack Cat 5 will send an alert to the Scorpion secure control center desk. The unit also features an extra something the regular tracking unit don’t have and that’s a starter motor cut which only the police can turn on if needed. The idea behind this is the vehicle is stolen and tracked to it’s location via GPS and the GSM network and if the vehicle is used as a get away car they can simply activate the immobiliser cut and the vehicle will not start until it has been recovered by the police force.

This unit is very expensive at around £850 fully installed into your vehicle and it has to be installed by a high quality engineer that’s been police checked by Thatcham to make sure you have a clean record and to make sure you can keep customers documents secure in a safe manor. These systems are not quick to have installed and can take a full day to install correctly on some vehicles. We are the only accredited dealer in Essex to hold the prestigious Thatcham Cat 5 approval. All the ScorpionTrack units come with a full warranty and they are very high quality only being made in the UK.