Deadlocks Thatcham Approved Review

Worried about leaving you van in a bad area? you should be van theft is at an all time high and the deadlocks offer just that a little bit more protection and an added attack time if your vehicle is getting broken into. The Thatcham approved range from locks 4 vans offer an anti bump lock and the euro cylinder is also anti pick which makes breaking into your vehicle more difficult. The deadlocks also come with very thick steal plates which can’t be bent out the way with not much effort.

The Thatcham range also comes with an override card if you loose your keys so you can get an easy replacement while still remaining secure. The locks themselves are not easy to fit correctly you have to spend around 2 hours per door to make a very neat job and to rust proof the metal correctly. You may have seen vans driving around with rust marks around the lock and this is due to the fitter not rust proofing the locks correctly.

Always insure you are getting a decent deadlock installation many companies will charge very little and you won’t be happy with the installation. Getting the Thatcham range means you can be assured you have the very best deadlocks fitted to your vehicle.