TOAD PWC-402 Window Closure

This tiny module offers window closure and can be linked to many types of alarm systems. It is made and engineered by the Scorpion group and its hand made and built in the UK. The module has a 12volt out put for 4 windows but this module does need to be fitted by an auto electrician due to the damage you could do to motors or ECU’s if this was wired incorrectly. it simply uses the alarm to provide a trigger when the alarm is set to allow the windows to roll up.

This provides ease of use for the driver by simply stopping the vehicle and getting out, once you press the lock button all windows that are wired will close. If for any reason there is something stopping the window from closing like a child’s head for example the windows will stop instantly without causing major harm or death. This system can be fitted to all major brand car alarms like Toad, Sigma and Cobra to give you the extra features your looking for.