Tracker Locate reviewThe brand Tracker has been around for well over 20 years now. The first stolen vehicle and recovered was by Tracker UK. They have been known for there very strong RF tracking technology which is a very robust signal that can still work past metal or lead once the unit is activated. But since then Tracker have still kept the RF signal within the unit but added GPS and GSM that makes vehicle recovery even quicker instead of  waiting for a traffic cop car with 4 aerials on the roof to track the vehicle down Tracker head office can give the regular police force in the area the location of the stolen vehicle. The only downside to the locate is the expensive subscription costs but if your having this fitted on a prestige high end car this shouldn’t be much of an issue. The good part about Tracker is once the car is found by police they will make arrangements for the vehicle to be picked up and delivered back to a location of your choice providing the vehicle is not highly damaged.

With the Tracker Locate you also get full web access to see the location of your vehicle on your desktop PC or smartphone which is a feature that gives you great piece of mind if you would like to check on your vehicle. Tracker will also know if an attempt is made to try and jam the tracking signal putting it in alert mode. The system also features a tilt sensor if your car is lifted or towed without the ignition being turned on. When getting this Tracker installed you should be very careful when shopping around on price many places charging around £225-300 normally give you a very poor installation making the tracker easily found within the vehicle making it not effective. The correct pricing for this unit is between £350-450 this is the correct rate that will allow the engineer to completely blend the tracker in with a part of the car or van. It is extremely important this unit is fitted correctly due to car thief’s knowing what this unit looks like.