The Tracker Monitor unit is very cheap and does the job of basic vehicle tracking. It is a very small unit which has an RF cable which is run inside the vehicle to give the police a tracking signal if the tracker is activated. The tracker has no web based login or manual user tracking due to the unit only being aimed at people who wish to have a tracker installed for there insurance company. If your vehicle is stolen you will need to get a crime reference number and once you have this you can simply phone Tracker and they will activate the signal to the unit and it will then become active, due to the unit being basic and only having RF tracking it can take a little longer to get the car or van back over the other units on the market that feature GPS. Tracker do state it could take up to 24 hours to recover a vehicle with RF technology which is a long time if they are going to steal the vehicle for parts. And you run the risk of them finding the tracker and deactivating it.

One of the other advantages of this unit is there is no GPS to jam on the unit which makes it a little better in terms of security. The monitor features a very good tilt and motion sensor which will trigger an alert if the car is lifted or moved without the engine being on and running. Subscription charges are average for this type of unit coming in at £149 for the year. This system is great if you are wanting to protect a BMW or Audi in the UK.