TRACKER Retrieve Battery powered

The Battery Powered Tracker Retrieve is an excellent little tracking device that is Thatcham approved and provides great protection for your vehicle. Many people use these devices if they have a classic car or a weekend toy which they don’t want the battery level dropping. This tracker runs on it’s own power and takes nothing from the vehicle. The only components are the tracker ecu and the RF aerial which sends out a very strong signal if the vehicle is stolen. This device is also fantastic for plant machines where the device can be hidden very well without the chance of a thief trying to find the device near the battery or ignition area. The battery inside the unit lasts 5 years which is really good for a unit that is working actively 24 hours per day and 365 days per year. The tracking unit is also not effected by jammers which more and more vehicle crime specialist are using to steal the vehicles quickly and effectively. 

The subscription is also very cheap for this unit at only £99 per year or £199 for a total of 4 years. Once the battery has failed after 5 years the unit is non serviceable which means you will need to buy a new unit, this is not a major problem as they are only cheap compared to other market leading tracking systems. This unit can be tracked in many country’s from UK, Spain and Italy