vauxhall adam alarm upgrade

The Vauxhall Adam has become very popular since its launch around 1 year ago. We can now provide customers with an alarm system that is very advanced and remains reliable at all times. This system will work with the original Vauxhall Adam 2 button remote control to give a very original feel and you don’t have to worry about having 2 remote fobs on one set of keys. When you lock your Vauxhall Adam the alarm will arm and become active once an entry is broken the alarm will sound it’s 120DB siren along with flashing the indercators to alert people near by. The alarm system protects the doors, bonnet, boot and the vehicles interior with motion/pressure sensors which detect a change in state if a window is broken or smashed.

The security set up also features a shock sensor which will warn people away if the car receives a light knock on the vehicles glass or body work. The Vauxhall Adam only comes with a Thatcham Cat 2 immobiliser as standard and when we fit this upgrade system it brings the vehicle up to a full Thatcham Cat 1. This may give you a discount on your insurance and it gives you better piece of mind when leaving the car great post to read.