Vauxhall Vivaro Alarm Upgrade

The Vauxhall Vivaro is a big target in the UK due to Vauxhall making the 2012 model onwards not having an alarm fitted as standard this is an add on which can be fitted to the vehicle when its being made. The handles on this vehicle are a major problem and nothing has been changed to make them more secure. The handles are simply secured by a locking nut which is molded onto the plastic handle. When attacking this vehicle all you have to do is give the handle on the back door a very sharp pull and the handle will tear away from the door. leaving a small locking rod right in sight that simply pops the door open with no effort at all. An alarm will not stop this form of attack but it does sound instantly when the door is pulled open. We can offer two forms of alarm upgrades for this vehicle which are both Thatcham approved. 

We offer the first package which arms and disarms from the original 2 button Vivaro key remote which gives you a very original feel without having to worry about finding another remote in your pocket and this is by far the most common alarm upgrade for this vehicle. and the other system is adding another fob to the vehicle which can be linked into the locking which gives you a cheaper method of replacing remote fobs in the future if you plan to keep the vehicle for years. This means you never need to use your original Vivaro remote for locking and unlocking your van again. 

The alarm brand we would use would be Cobra as this system is industry proven to remain reliable for many years and never give false alarms which gives the customer a huge piece of mind. We offer a full 3 year warranty on all the Cobra systems we supply and install. This system will protect all the doors on your Vauxhall Vivaro including the rear and sliding doors, it will protect the bonnet and the vehicles interior. both the alarms we supply for these vehicles have a 120 db siren and flash the indicators when sounding.