Viper 5204 Remote Start and Security

Viper have just redesigned the latest Viper 5204V which is a full remote start and security system and it features a huge amount of extra’s which can be add on sensors like the dual zone microwave sensor or the tilt sensor to protect your alloy wheels. This system can be fitted to brand new vehicles running on the can bus data system. This alarm is a 2 way system which means you can see what the car is doing at any given point, You can also see the interior tempreture at the press of a button, The security system can lock and unlock your doors along with boot pop from the remotes AUX button. and remote start can be done by the touch of a button to allow the vehicle to run for 12 mins. You can extend this run time in the options menu. When the remote start is active all doors still remain locked at all times to stop people from getting in your car while the engine is running. if a window is smashed to try and drive the car away the alarm will sound and the engine will stop running and it will immobilise to stop anyone hotwiring the ignition switch.

This system comes with the revenger 6 tone siren to make sure everyone in close proximity of your vehicle knows it’s being attacked. The nice feature with the Viper 5204V is the two way remote controls which will make a sound and light up if your car alarm is sounding. You can also add LCD remote controls which charge by USB to provide more infomation on what your car is doing at any given time.

DBAll Add onThis is the DB-ALL which works alongside the Viper to provide all the Can infomation and advanced features to allow it to remote start and control indercators and door locking, On some cars it can also release the fuel flap. We provide full installation on these alarm systems Remote Start Alarms