The VW Caddy has been around for years and security has always been a little poor. The most common alarm we install on the Caddy is the Cobra Can-Bus alarm system, due to it being approved by VW as an aftermarket part. The alarm is designed to work alongside the original VW remote control. Meaning locking the doors will arm the alarm and unlocking will disarm the alarm. The alarm protects all major zones such as front doors, side doors, rear barn or tailgate and the bonnet.

The interior of the vehicle is protected via colour matching ultrasonic sensors which give excellent coverage of the interior. These sensors work on pressure meaning a change in air movement within the cabin will cause the alarm to trigger. But the good thing is slight air movement from air vents will NOT trigger the alarm system. Meaning its ultra reliable at all times.

The Cobra VW Caddy alarm is Thatcham approved meaning it may / could discount your insurance, the alarm meets a cat 1 spec once installed. The alarm also comes with a 3 year warranty giving you complete piece of mind. If you would like a Cobra alarm installed on your VW give us a call on 07525 068291.