VW-Transporter-2014 DB ALL

The guys at Clifford HQ have now got the very latest DB All data module with all the data information ready to be pre loaded. You may be asking why do you need one of these modules for your vehicle. Well more and more customers are carrying out modifications on these vehicles. Some want remote start fitted before the cold weather kicks in and others want a 2 way pager system which links into the vehicle without any issues. Fitting old type non data alarms on new vehicles can cause problems and many manufactures simply want to void any warranty on electrical systems once a aftermarket system has been installed. I would always suggest installing a data alarm over the older type analogue alarm systems.

The good part about the DB All system is it can write to the cars data line giving you unmatched performance compared to other systems that can’t write to the CAN network. For example once the DB All is programed you can select power window roll up which will close your vans windows every time you arm the alarm system.