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People get confused over Thatcham Cat 5 where there vehicle insurer have requested they have one of these tracking and immobiliser systems installed onto their vehicle. With Thatcham Cat 5 they are very expensive and also the subscriptions are costly. These systems are fitted onto the vehicle and they are similar to the Thatcham Cat 6 tracking devices but they include a small card which has to be with you when you enter the vehicle to tell the tracker you are not a thief taking the vehicle. And the added advantage of remote immobilisation from the local police force. Meaning the car can’t be restarted if the engine is turned off. It is not legal in the UK to immobilise the vehicle while the car or van is in motion.

These systems take about 3 – 4 hours to install correctly and the installation is not simple installing these onto the latest vehicles, we are fully Thatcham approved and sat the latest TRI exams set out by Thatcham. Thatcham Cat 5 tracking systems start from £800 fully installed in Essex. The subscription is around £200 – 279 per year for complete tracking.

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