good van deadlocks

When you are shopping round for vehicle deadlock quotes you will find you have the very low priced companies and the higher priced companies. Many people think should I go with the cheapest but the answer is you do get what you pay for. It may sound simple saying I just want a lock put on my van door but it is a very skilled labour involved job. The hardest part is cutting and lining up all the lock casing and euro cylinder correctly. I have found many of the cheaper companies don’t worry about rust proofing the bare metal which is a major problem. This will void the manufactures anti corrosion warranty and leave you with a van which has started to rust. All good and reliable companies will rust proof the bare metal and use sealant where needed to stop rust in it’s tracks.

The quality of the locks vary from very poor household type cylinders which are suited for home use or you can buy the correct locks which are made by proper van lock companies. I myself provide locks which are extremely high quality and provide a long warranty on each lock fitted. These locks are made in Italy and you simply can’t find better lock cylinders or lock casings on the market.

What do I provide over many other installers?

High quality branded locks and plates.
Strengthened solid steel plates where needed.
Thatcham Approved and sold secure design.
Very neat installation.
Fully rust proof all holes.
Sealant used where needed.
All locks made in Italy.
Fully Insured.
I give all customers vehicles the highest amount of care.