xkloader 3 ReviewMost exciting product released by Directed electronics this year! The all new XKloader 3 is the most advanced programming and security diagnostic tool ever made. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on one and we have found module flashing to be super fast once linked to your smartphone. You might be thinking if I am a customer why should I be interested in reading up on this engineers only tool? Well if for example you have an alarm engineer booked to carry out an installation. All the modules have been programmed to your exact spec of vehicle down to the model, year and month it was made. But the engineer pulls the car apart and your vehicle has an older BSI / Can gateway installed due to it being a cross over year the alarm engineer would need to leave site and reflash the modules with the correct software.

With the XKloader 3 this is a thing of the past! Engineers can program your alarm or data modules with every item of correct software even settings such as window closure via the can network can be set up with the XKloader while sitting inside the vehicle. Another fantastic feature is finding out and testing problems is so much quicker. For example lets say the data module is not detecting door inputs we can instantly find out why and correct the problem. Meaning a revisit with revised software is not needed.

The XKloader is the most advanced alarm programming tool ever created and to say I am impressed is an understatement. This system even offers programming for older alarm systems meaning the very old bitwritter, which has been used for many years is now a thing of the past.