Viper 480XV

The 480XV Viper car alarm is a highly specified, top of the range device and is one of our Cat 1 Thatcham alarms. This is a 2 way pager system with a full screen remote, giving alarm status and communication functions from a distance, e.g. can remotely override sensor functions and re-adjust Ultrasonics.

Viper Car Alarm Fitted Essex

Thatcham Insurance Approved Category One Alarm

6-channel 2-Way Remote pager system

Confirms the alarm commands and alarms triggers on the transceiver LCD screen

Antiscan and antigrab techology

Full On-board Door Lock Relays

Flashes indicators

Sensor Bypass Facility

Ultra-bright Blue LED

PIN Override and Valet Mode

Passive Arming

Bitwriter Programmable

Doors Bonnet and Boot Protection

3 circuit Immobilisers

Remote Adjustable Ultrasonic interior scanners

Six-Tone Siren EP2 Battery Back Up siren

Bright Blue LED System Status Indicator

Total Closure output

5 Auxiliary Outputs for additional remote control functions

Horn output

Includes One 2-way Responder Transceiver and One 4-button 1 way Transmitter


If your worried about leaving your car this is by far the system to have and add the adational dual zone microwave and you have an awesome set up which will protect all doors, boot, bonnet and inside the interior and both exterior sides of the vehicle with a warm away tone. The viper gives 3 bleeps if you get to close.